Solidigm Synergy™ Software

Transparently improves user experience with performance and power-optimizing features​

Introducing Solidigm Synergy Software

Solidigm Synergy is a free software suite for personal computers running Microsoft Windows that unlocks innovative new features on Solidigm SSDs by closing the gap between the storage device and the rest of the system, enabling a more optimized user experience than hardware alone can provide.

Synergy Downloads

Solidigm Synergy™ Storage Driver

The Solidigm Synergy Storage Driver automatically and invisibly boosts performance by making “under-the-hood” improvements to the connection between SSD and host system.


Solidigm Synergy™ Storage Tool

The Solidigm Synergy Storage Tool offers a modern user interface for drive health and information reporting, plus the ability to manually trigger useful functions such as Diagnostic Scan and Secure Erase.



Solidigm Synergy Storage Driver

Hardware and firmware innovations have advanced SSD performance and efficiency significantly over the years. But without software, even the most advanced drive today does not actually know much about what it’s storing. SSDs see their contents in terms of logical block addresses, or LBAsignorant of whether a given LBA range references an application, a set of family photos, or any other data type.

The Synergy Storage Driver enables a new level of communication between SSD and host that includes detailed informationnot just about what data is being stored, but how important it is to the user. By leveraging this new communication path, the driver can help the SSD optimize how data is stored, ensuring the most useful information is available most quickly when needed.

Another benefit of Solidigm’s focused investment in building out a world-class software team is that our company can react rapidly to shifting needs and opportunities. Our driver is updated frequently to ensure it’s always providing the most up-to-date fixes and optimal performance edge to Solidigm customers. As a result of our decades of experience in storage software optimization, our driver is constantly improving and taking advantage of cutting-edge methods for delivering the best user experience possible.

In our tests, Solidigm SSDs empowered by the Synergy Storage Driver delivered read and write speeds up to 21 percent higher than the same hardware devices running the default disk driver that shipped with the operating system.

Solidigm Synergy Storage Tool

For users who require more detailed information about how their storage device is performing, the Solidigm Storage Tool provides a comprehensive, user-friendly solution. This easy-to-navigate application delivers critical health and status information in a clean, modern user interface. 

Along with reporting capabilities, the Synergy Storage Tool gives users the ability to trigger certain useful functions manually, such as Firmware Update, Diagnostic Scan, and Secure Erase. You can even use it to monitor SSDs made by other manufacturers.