The Advantages of CSAL

Cloud Storage Acceleration Layer (CSAL) software significantly reduces write amplification of NAND storage, enables the adoption of new storage technologies, and optimizes access to drives.

What is CSAL

Developed by Solidigm™ and the Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK) community, CSAL transforms write workloads to improve the performance and lifetime of hyper-dense SSDs.

Expert’s Talk

Learn how CSAL, combined with Solidigm SLC & QLC, unleashes the value of high-density NAND flash media by implementing a host-side FTL to transform any write workload to a sequential write.

Lower TCO Without Sacrificing Performance

Go under the hood to see how Solidigm collaborated with our community partners Intel, Starwind, and SPDK to develop a reference storage platform that delivers high-performance at a lower TCO.

What’s Next for CSAL

Solidigm is working to enable the easy adoption of data placement technologies, RAID, and caching. Other storage innovators in the open-source community are also working to add new capabilities.