Boost Your System’s Performance with Solidigm Synergy™ Software

Solidigm Synergy is a free software suite for personal computers running Microsoft Windows that unlocks innovative features on Solidigm SSDs (and SSDs manufactured by other brands) by improving functionality between the storage device and the rest of the system—enabling a more optimized user experience than hardware alone can provide.

Solidigm Synergy Download  

Download our cutting-edge SSD software suite to improve your storage experience with performance and power optimizing features​.

There are two components of Solidigm Synergy. Individually, each can boost the performance of your SSD—but we recommend using both for the best results.

Solidigm Synergy™ Storage Driver

Compatible with all Solidigm SSDs, the Solidigm Storage Driver automatically and invisibly boosts performance by making “under-the-hood” improvements to the connection between your SSD and host system.

Download the Driver

Solidigm Synergy™ Storage Tool

Compatible with all SSDs, the Solidigm Storage Tool offers a modern user interface for drive health and information reporting, plus the ability to manually trigger useful functions such as Diagnostic Scan and Secure Erase. 

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The Solidigm Storage Driver

Hardware and firmware innovations have advanced SSD performance and efficiency significantly over the years. But without software, even the most advanced solid-state drive today doesn’t know much about what it’s storing. SSDs see their contents in terms of logical block addresses (LBAs), not knowing whether those LBAs hold an application, a set of family photos, or some other form of data.

Enhanced Communication Between SSD and System

The Solidigm Storage Driver enables a new level of communication between your SSD and system that includes detailed information—not just about what data is being stored, but how important it is to you as the user. By leveraging this new communication path, the Solidigm driver can help your SSD optimize how data is stored, ensuring the most useful information is available to you quickly when you need it.

 72% Faster Read Speeds

In our tests, Solidigm SSDs empowered by the Solidigm Storage Driver delivered read speeds up to 72% higher than the same hardware devices running the default disk driver that shipped with the operating system. 

Accelerated read speeds for your Solidigm SSD—made possible by the Solidigm Storage Driver—will improve a variety of real-world uses, from system start-up to opening your frequently used applications and files.

65% Faster Mixed Read/Write Speeds

In another internal test measuring mixed read/write performance at a low queue depth of 1.0, we found that the Solidigm Storage Driver performed up to 65% faster than the default storage driver on partially full drives. 

Mixed read/write performance is another key vector of user experience. If you’re like many PC users today, you’re likely doing more than one thing at a time on your system. (For example, if you’re a gamer, you might be playing the latest AAA title while also streaming to Twitch and recording a local copy.) The Solidigm Storage Driver’s optimizations to mixed read/write performance can make these multitasking experiences more seamless than ever.

Driven by the Solidigm Advantage 

Perhaps the most critical advantage of the Solidigm Storage Driver is our team’s commitment to continued updates for performance and user friendliness. With infrastructure and personnel in place to react rapidly to shifting needs and opportunities, we update our SSD driver frequently to ensure it’s always providing you with the most up-to-date fixes and optimal performance edge. Our decades of experience in storage software optimization means our Solidigm driver is constantly improving, taking advantage of cutting-edge methods for delivering the best user experience possible for you, our Solidigm customer.

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