Unlock the value of your data

Data storage is in our DNA. From the first commercial solid-state drives to today’s groundbreaking SSD solutions, we’ve been at the forefront of innovation for decades. Whether your goal is to reduce costs, glean new insights, or better secure your data, your solid-state storage solution is here.

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Photo of the interior of a server room at a data center.

Modernize your data center

Explore solid-state drives optimized for real-world performance with industry-leading quality and reliability.

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Go faster, store more on your PC

Work, game, and create with reliable solid-state storage engineered for everyday PC use.

Developing storage solutions to meet the ever-growing demand for data is our obsession; delivering solutions with an unwavering focus on the needs of our customers is our passion.

Laura Crone
Chief Revenue Officer

Our origin story

When you think of an origin story, superheroes come to mind. We’re not superheroes, but we do have a superpower: innovation. In the 1990s, it started with the PCI and PCIe spec, accelerated in the early 2000s with the x25M SSD and NVMe spec, and more recently the "ruler SSD," which inspired the EDSFF spec and the first PCIe QLC SSDs.

Being at the forefront of innovation granted us additional powers: a customer-centered approach in all that we do, optimizing products at a solution level, and an obsession with SSDs of the highest quality and reliability. In combining the strength of two companies with a sole focus on solid-state data storage, Solidigm is ready to solve your biggest data storage challenges.

Our commitment to you

Our mission is to create world-class SSD data storage products for customers at any scale. We believe the best storage products are optimized for real-world workloads, deliver predictable durable performance, are designed with the highest levels of quality and reliability, and take a zero-tolerance approach to data errors.

But we don’t stop there. We test our drives above and beyond standard industry practices, so customers have the confidence that the mission is accomplished: reliable, efficient, and performance-optimized drives.