Published December 5, 2023

Author Jeniece Wnorowski, Roger Corell and Tahmid Rahman


The Value of High-Density Storage at the Edge

The IT industry has gone through heavy loops of change in recent years, which is reflected in changing market trends and customer expectations. These changes include skyrocketing growth of high performance computing (HPC) workloads, and the increasing demand for blazing-fast storage systems that deliver ever faster load times.

1. Overcoming Edge Storage Challenges with Solidigm SSDs

As workloads evolve at the edge and become more read-intensive and data-intensive, there is a need for a variety of high-density storage solutions. In this video, Roger Corell, Solutions Marketing Director at Solidigm, shares how he and his team are helping organizations implement some of the most efficient and highly scalable storage solutions on the market today. Learn more from Roger Corell in his Storage Field Day presentation


2. The Value of Solidigm Form Factors at the Edge

Not all edge servers are created equal. Depending on the workload, application, or system configuration, there’s a need for high density storage in a variety of form factors to fulfill the needs of a multitude of edge servers. Jeniece Wnorowski, Influencer Marketing Strategist at Solidigm, shares the latest and greatest Enterprise and Data Center Form Factors (EDSFF). See how these form factors offer better capacity, performance, service, and manageability in Jeniece Wnorowski’s update during Gestalt’s Storage Field Day.


3. The Value of Solidigm SSDs Delivered at the Edge

How can EDSFF SSDs benefit you? Take a deeper dive into Solidigm SSDs as the ideal option for today’s most demanding workloads such as AI and Content Delivery Networks. Tahmid Rahman, Data Center Director of Product for Marketing at Solidigm, gives examples of how the Solidigm SSD portfolio tackles these in workloads to improve the overall bottom line for businesses. Watch his video learn how you can improve total cost of ownership (TCO) with Solidigm SSDs.


The bottom line

SSDs have evolved significantly over the years, showcasing developments in capacity, performance, footprint, power efficiency, and weight efficiency. With the increasing need for data to reside, be analyzed, and be consumed at the edge, SSDs, particularly Quad-Level Cell (QLC) drives, are proving essential. They offer high-density storage and enhanced performance, making them ideal for high data requirement applications like Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems (ADAS). This evolution has seen SSDs become more cost-efficient and sustainable, which is ideal for both core and edge deployments. Read more at Gestalt IT in its overview about Solidigm SSDs for workloads at the edge.


About the Speakers

Roger Corell is Director of Data Center Messaging and Content at Solidigm. 

Jeniece Wnorowski, Product Marketing Manager at Solidigm, has over 14 years of experience in data center storage solutions. Jeniece got her start in technical marketing at Intel Corporation, then joined Solidigm where she continues to evangelize data center SSD innovations with a variety of companies and partners. Outside of work, Jeniece enjoys spending time with her kids, training for jiu jitsu, and exploring the outdoors.

Tahmid Rahman is the Data Center Director of Product Marketing at Solidigm. His primary responsibilities include product positioning, benchmarking and customer requirement integration for current and future products. He has a bachelor's from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology, and a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M. He also holds an MBA from University of California, Davis. He loves outdoor activities including sightseeing and hiking.


The Value of High-Density Storage at the Edge for Edge Field Day