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How To Revert Opal* Encryption In A Solidigm™ (Formerly Intel®) Solid State Drive

Steps To Revert The Encryption Of an Opal*-Activated Device


  • This process will erase your password and all data in the drive.
  • This process is applicable only to Intel® SSDs compatible with Opal encryption. For a complete list of drives, please refer to Solidigm™ (formerly Intel®) SSDs with TCG Opal 2.0* Support.
  • The process of reverting the Opal encryption is done through the Solidigm™ Storage Tool.
  • The process may fail if the drive has partitions. To avoid this error, it's recommended that you delete all partitions beforehand. To learn some options to perform this action, refer to When to Run a Low-Level Format or Secure Erase on Intel® Solid State Drives and Tools to Use.

Follow these steps to revert the Opal encryption in your Solidigm™ (formerly Intel®) Solid State Drive:

  1. Download the Solidigm™ Storage Tool.
  2. Connect your Solidigm™ Solid State Drive directly to your motherboard.
  3. Start the Solidigm™ Storage Tool (Intel® branded NAND SSDs) and run the command: sst start -ssd <drive_index> -psidrevert <PSID>
    • <drive_index> corresponds to the index assigned to your drive. You can easily identify your drive by running the command: sst show -ssd
    • <PSID> corresponds to the PSID (Physical Security ID) printed on the drive's label.
  4. After the process is complete, the drive will be reverted to its factory settings, previous password will be deleted and all data will be erased.

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How To Revert Opal* Encryption In A Solidigm™ (Formerly Intel®) Solid State Drive