Data center with AI storage for data ingesting, preparing, training and deploying.

Data Storage Optimized for the AI Era

From ingesting and preparing data to training and deploying your model at scale, great storage keeps XPUs busy and shapes overall AI developer and user experience. Whatever your goals, Solidigm can help.

Video discussion of Solidigm and VAST Data engineers on why storage is key to AI workload performance.

Understanding the I/O Demands of AI Workloads

Solidigm chats with VAST Data about why storage is key to AI workload performance and the roles it plays in each phase of the data pipeline, from development through real-time inference.

Accelerating AI at Kingsoft by Displacing HDDs

One of China’s largest object storage providers improved its time to load AI datasets by 48.6x by switching from HDDs to Solidigm SSDs. Check out the dynamically extendable KS3 Extreme Speed solution.

Intro to how Solidigm is partnering with Supermicro to advance the role of AI in meeting customer needs

Partnering with Supermicro to Drive AI Innovation

Supermicro discusses how they tackle the challenges of AI workloads and machine learning solutions with the help of Solidigm SSDs.

Data Storage Optimized for the AI Era