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Solidigm™ (Formerly Intel®) Solid State Drive Families

Describes The Environments For Correct Use Of Client And Data Center Drives

Solidigm™ (formerly Intel®) offers several Solid State Drive (SSD) families for storage solutions -- like Consumer SSDs, Professional SSDs, Data Center SSDs, and others.

However, there are only two main groups for an SSD, depending on the workload the drive was designed for. These two groups are: Client and Data Center.

Data Center drives have been designed to work in environments with high workloads. Examples include networking or storage systems with several remote client devices concurrently, or systems supporting several CPUs per device. These environments usually handle high amounts of data written to and read from the drive.

Using a Client drive in such environments will cause unexpected behaviors on the drive. More importantly, there is a high probability that the drive will fail sooner due to the amount of data in transit. This may end in data loss, as the SSD was not designed for this purpose.

Client drives must not be used in the following scenarios:

Any computer, networking, or storage system that supports workloads or data needs of more than one concurrent user, or one or more remote client devices concurrently.

Any server, networking, or storage system that is capable of supporting more than one CPU per device.
Any device that is designed, marketed, or sold to support or be incorporated into systems covered in the scenarios above.

Solidigm SSDs for Data Center usage are easily identified by the “DC” label on the name. Solidigm SSDs for client usage do not have this “DC” label on their name. 

This means Consumer and Professional families are considered part of the Client group.

NOTE Using Client drives in the scenarios described above will void the drive warranty. For further details, check Warranty for Solidigm™ (formerly Intel®) SSDs and Modules (Client).

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Solidigm™ (Formerly Intel®) Solid State Drive Families