Last Updated April 15, 2024


How To Check Solidigm™ NVMe* Driver Version

Steps To Find The Solidigm™ (Formerly Intel®) NVMe* Driver Version Installed In The System


Methods to check:

  1. If you have the Solidigm™ NVMe* Driver installed on your system
  2. What version it is

Assumptions are your system does have a Solidigm™ Client SSD physically installed.


Solidigm Synergy™ Toolkit

  1. Launch Solidigm Synergy™ Toolkit.
  2. Click "Drives" tab.
  3. Locate "Solidigm™ Client SSD".
  4. Click on the "Driver" tab.
  5. Which driver and its version will be listed.
    1. Update-to-date only works for the Solidigm™ driver.

Windows* Device Manager

  1. Open the "Device Manager".
    1. Click the Windows* key.
    2. Search & select "Device Manager".
  2. Expand "Storage Controllers".
  3. Look for an item named: "Solidigm NVMe Storage Controller".
    1. If there is no item, you don't have the Solidigm driver installed.
  4. If it is there, check the driver version:
    1. Right-click "Solidigm NVMe Storage Controller".
    2. Choose "Properties".
    3. Click "Driver" tab.
    4. Locate Driver Version field.

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How To Check Solidigm™ NVMe* Driver Version