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Proper Handling Of An M.2 SSD

How To Install An M.2 SSD


Learn the proper handling and install an M.2 SSD.


  • Keep the device in the protective anti-static container until installed.
  • Keep yourself grounded, to minimize static electricity build-up and possible damage to the drive.
    • Touch a non-painted metal surface or wear anti-static gloves or a wrist strap.
  • Always hold the device on the side's edge.
    • Do NOT touch the gold connectors.


Below is an example process of how to install an M.2, which should be correct for most all installations. However, consult your motherboard's documentation and follow its recommendations.

All required hardware is provided by the system or motherboard manufacturer.

Step 1

  1. Prepare the M.2 slot by putting the standoff in the correct length requirement for your SSD.
    1. In the image below, the standoff is in the 80mm setting.

Step 2

  1. Insert the SSD into the port.
    1. Being at an angle is OK.

Step 3

  1. Push the back of the SSD down until it touches the standoff.
  2. Secure the SSD down.

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Proper Handling Of An M.2 SSD