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Physical Installation Of A Solidigm™ Add-In Card SSD

How To Connect An Add-In Card (AIC) Solid State Drive (SSD) To A System


These instructions help users install Solidigm Add-In Card (AIC) Solid State Drive (SSD). They are generalized, see your system/chassis manual for more detailed instructions.

Solidigm has not released an AIC SSD to date and Intel has not released a NAND SSD since the: 750 (Client) or P4618 (Data Center). SK hynixacquired Intel's NAND and SSD business and created Solidigm in 2020.


Before installing, be safe and understand the best placement for the SDD.



  • Disconnect the system from power before connecting/disconnecting cables or components.
    • Some circuits in the system can operate even if shut off, you risk personal injury or equipment damage otherwise.
  • Electrostatic discharge (ESD) can damage components.
    • Install the board on an ESD-controlled workstation.
    • If an ESD-controlled workstation is unavailable, wear an anti-static wrist strap or touch the surface of the anti-static package before handling components.

  • Your motherboard may have multiple PCIe* (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) slots.
  • Most Solidigm AICs require a PCIe* x4 connector.
  • It is recommended to use the connector closest to the CPU for the best performance.
    • If using a discrete GPU card, it should be in the closest connector.
  • If issues occur, the connector furthest from the CPU may be more successful.

Example motherboard:

  • A, C, and F can support PCIe AIC SSDs.
    • They are PCIe x16s.
  • B is a PCI port.
  • D, E, and H are PCIe x1.


  1. Locate a proper PCIe port.
  2. Remove the screw and port shield from the chassis.
  3. Attach the proper bracket to your SSD.
    1. Full and half-height brackets should come with the AIC SSD.
  4. Insert the SSD into the PCIe port.
  5. Replace the screw to secure the SSD to the chassis.

Example AIC SSD Inserted into a system.

Image is for illustration purposes only. Drive doesn't exist.

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Physical Installation Of A Solidigm™ Add-In Card SSD