Published October 26, 2023

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Solidigm™ 670p Product Brief

Formerly Intel® SSD 670p 

QLC technology leadership for everyday computing and mainstream gaming

Solidigm QLC technology and industry leadership brings the performance and capacity needed for today’s PC storage needs, including performance storage and the ability to manage high volumes of data. Now available is the Solidigm 670p SSD 144-layer QLC-based Client SSD.

Learn about Solidigm QLC technology leadership for everyday computing and mainstream gaming with the next gen QLC NAND 670p SSD, offering improved performance, storage responsiveness, and endurance with high capacity. Download the Product Brief or read on for more.


Performance, endurance and capacity—all in a single, affordable PC drive

With up to 2TB capacity on a single drive, the Solidigm SSD 670p offers great value for everyday computing, optimized productivity and mainstream gaming. The thin M.2 80mm form factor is powered by Solidigm’s innovative QLC technology and perfect for notebooks, desktop computers, and mobile devices.

The Solidigm 670p SSD includes the latest QLC technology with numerous performance improvements, including nearly 2x sequential read and a 20% endurance improvement compared to the previous gen Solidigm QLC 3D NAND SSD. [1] Now, a capacity-optimized SSD with NVMe (or PCIe) performance offers the right balance for everyday computing needs.

Solidigm QLC 3D NAND technology: Storage with Solidigm innovation

Solidigm QLC Technology offers performance, high capacities, quality, and reliability. The innovative floating gate architecture has tight, symmetrical layers and no cell overhead. Additionally, this dynamic architect changes cell configuration to meet customer demands for storage capacity and performance. The result is high-capacity storage at an affordable price to accelerate SSD adoption.

Graphic of high-capacity NVMe PCIe SSDs for everyday computing and mainstream gaming performance
Table with performance specs for the 670p SSD, along with other product pertinent information.



1. Comparing the Solidigm SSD 670p to the Solidigm SSD 660p. Product brief:

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Solidigm™ 670p Product Brief