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As inventors, engineers, and problem solvers, we believe that advancements in storage technology are critical to unblocking data's unlimited potential. We are united by a shared commitment to breaking barriers and turning that potential into reality. By reinventing how data is stored, accessed, and put to work in new ways, we empower our customers and unlock data's ability to do good.

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Our origin story

When you think of an origin story, superheroes come to mind. We're not superheroes, but we do have a superpower: innovation. In the 1990s, it started with the PCI and the PCIe spec, accelerated in the early 2000s with the x25M SSD and NVMe spec, and more recently the "ruler SSD", which inspired the EDSFF spec and the first PCIe QLC SSDs.

Being at the forefront of innovation granted us additional powers. A customer-centered approach in all that we do. A strong commitment to product optimization from a solutions perspective. A relentless obsessions with quality and reliability for all of our SSDs. In combining the strength of two companies with a sole focus on data storage, Solidigm is ready to solve challenges at any scale.

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We're a team that believes in data's unlimited potential to improve the world. Together, we’re leading our industry into a new era of excellence, redefining data storage.

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