Who We Are

We are Solidigm

We solve problems. We break barriers. We commit fully to your success. We aspire to make a lasting, worldwide impact as the go-to partner for optimized data storage solutions. 

Business colleagues reviewing plans | Solidigm

Our purpose

To expand the possibilities of data that fuel human advancement.

Why we do what we do

As inventors, engineers, and problem solvers, we believe that advancements in storage technology are critical to unlocking data’s unlimited potential. We are united by a shared commitment to breaking barriers and turning that potential into reality. By reinventing how data is stored, accessed, and put to work in new ways, we empower our customers and unlock data’s ability to do good.  

Our culture

The spirit of invention is deeply embedded in our people and our business. We listen closely, understand quickly, and deliver collaboratively on customer-inspired solutions. At Solidigm, we treat everyone equitably, embracing all perspectives and listening to others’ input and ideas. We pride ourselves on building strong, trusted relationships built on mutual respect with our teammates, customers, partners, and communities.  

Future-forward values

We're solving tomorrow's problems in the here and now, looking forward to a more connected future.


We listen and understand our customers' business and technology challenges, anticipating their needs and partnering to solve problems together. Above all, Solidigm honors our commitments to our customers.


We're passionate inventors and technologists that partner to unlock the power of data to solve the world's greatest challenges and fuel human advancement.


We're committed to producing quality and responsible technologies and solutions with tenacity and integrity, demonstrating unparalleled discipline and expertise.


We act boldly and with urgency, are nimble and responsive, are willing and able to change direction quickly, take intelligent risks, learn, and adapt.


We prioritize relationships with our teammates, customers, partners, and communities, exhibiting trust and mutual respect. At Solidigm, shared values and team success come first.


We treat people equitably and with respect, valuing different perspectives and new ideas. We know that diversity and equality drive innovation and produce world-class technologies that fuel advancement for all.

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